Cold-feed GE-SC Pinconvert® extruder

Perfect symbiosis of outstanding flexibility and reliability

Cold-feed GE-SC Pinconvert® extruder


KraussMaffei Berstorff GE-SC PinConvert® extruders are characterized by a throttle element installed in the liner in the area of maximum channel volume.

This extruder is equipped with pins distributed symmetrically over the circumference that radially reach into the screw channels. The channel volume can thus be reduced manually or electro-hydraulically to zero in order to optimise the performance parameters such as throughput rate, stock temperature and material homogeneity. GE-SC extruders thus give unparalleled flexibility and high versatility.

With the barrel degassing system of special design, the field of application of our GE-SC PinConvert® extruders was substantially extended. Here again, the throttle element is of decisive importance as the filling level of the extruder upstream from the degassing zone can be influenced by the pin penetration depth.