Rapid and reliable configuration solution for processing sections



ScrewCon 3 is a highly flexible and extremely user-friendly software for configuring twin-screw extruder processing sections on a PC. It provides schematic representation of housing and screw elements as well as visualization and documentation of the process section set-up.


There is a library of about 2,000 screw and barrel housing elements the user can choose from for the different twin-screw extruder sizes in the ZE BluePower, ZE UTi, ZE UTXi and ZE Basic series. Customized configurations for specific requirements and individual machines can thus be prepared within a minimum of time. In addition, the configuration process is extremely simple using the click-and-drop function.

benefit of the customer

Uncompromising user-friendliness owing to the intuitive operator interface for the preparation of screw drawings
Simple and rapid operation using the click-and-drop function to draw housing and screw elements and by shifting and adding elements
Customized portfolio of screw and housing elements for the preparation of tailored drawings
Exclusion of assembly errors by true-to-scale display of the total length of housing and screw elements and the length difference. In addition, both screws (right and left) can be displayed simultaneously
Guidance of the installation staff by numerous texts that complement the housing and screw set-up
Optimum work preparation thanks to a printing function with various configuration options (jpg / bmp image files and parts lists) as well by an integrated inventory management
Well-aimed after-sales support by clear identification of the elements based on continuous numbering
Optimum tool to enhance process-engineering design and development
On-screen design of precisely tailored screw and barrel housing combinations
Rapid and precise configuration of customized screw set-ups
Complete stock overview